Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn 50 Gold Takrut 2nd Prizewinner 300 Chanuan Luang Por Tim

Khun Phaen 2515 LP Tim 2nd Prizewinner Nuea Pong Prai Kumarn & Certificate 50 Gold Takrut 300 Chanuan Beads

The All time Number 1 Khun Phaen Amulet, Extremely rare in Nuea Khaw, this Exhibit being a Pristine Ongk Kroo reference Study Model for the Perusal Of Muan Sarn with Pong Prai Kumarn. A Beautiful Second Prizewinner status Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn amulet, from the year 2515 BE, from the Great LP Tim. This is an exemplary model in Ongk Kroo version, and a 2nd Prizewinner in the Samakom Pra Krueang Tae Mueang Siam Amulet Conservation Society. This Exhibit is in Nuea Pong Prai Kumarn, with Circa 108 Gold Takrut and Circa 300 Sacred Chanuan Magic Spell Inserts. An extremely rare and exemplary Khun Phaen of Luang Phu Tim for the avid and serious collector of the 2515 BE Series, packed with 50 solid gold Takrut and 300 Chanuan, to the point where no more space was available for insertion. A classic and extremely rare Khun Phaen 15.

Power-Packed is the word that comes to mind when admiring this exhibit, as well as the word ‘Impressive Indeed’, are also words that come to our mind, when observing this exhibit. The Muan Sarn Sacred Clay is of the finest highly concentrated Pong Prai Kumarn Powders, which exudes visibly through the surface of the amulet. Free EMS Registered Express Airmail Shipping Worldwide is Included, as well as Encasement options (all except Solid Gold), are also Included in the Price as an extra Free Option.

This Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn in white Pong Prai Kumarn powders, is a Pristinely kept exhibit of a now highly sought after Pra Niyom Master Class Amulet.

The Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn Pi 15 Pim Yai Block Tong Hlueang (Block 2) Hlang Dtok Dtaeng Niyom, and being an Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Model, with such a mass of solid gold Takrut and chanuan beads, makes this exhibit extremely rare and attractive for seekers of high power amulets and the devotees/collector of LP Tim Master Class rare amulets.This exhibit is in excellent condition and well kept, with highly refined details and features, and most certainly worthy of further competition in shows, to attempt to achieve a first prize, to accompany its already existing second prize.

Certificate Khun Phaen 2515 LP Tim 2nd Prizewinner Nuea Pong Prai Kumarn & Certificate 50 Gold Takrut 300 Chanuan Beads

This exhibit is in excellent condition, which under close perusal under the eye loupe, reveals the amulet to be made from a base of Nuea Khaw Hniaw Sukh Bless├ęd sticky rice, and Pong Prai Kumarn Powders, a most Purist Muan Sarn that leaves the Khun Phaen with its natural beauty, and is easy for the eye to recognize the authentic Muan Sarn powders.